I am delighted to announce that starting Sunday, April 14 (14/4/2019), we will be meeting at the newly opened Arcare in Springwood, in their coffee shop area.

I am very grateful to the Arcare management for making this possible and look forward to sharing the Word of God and practicing Christ’s love by serving the residents, as well as the Springwood community at large.

It is amazing how God works everything out. Amanda and I recently welcomed our third child into our family and this immediately affected our Sunday fellowship at home. Certain that the LORD wanted is to continue this ministry, we were trying to figure out where we could meet. A few Sundays ago, we decided to meet at Springwood Park and afterwards, walked over to Arcare to try out their coffee shop. We had a lovely chat with Sheryl (who was managing the coffee shop that Sunday) and shared the idea of perhaps using the space for our Sunday fellowship. Sheryl gave us contact details for who to get connected with and next thing I know, I met with Amie (General Services Manager) and other staff and ended up being given a tour of the facility by Susan (Lifestyle Manager) who was so excited that she wanted us to start immediately!

I don’t know what the LORD has planned for us but He knew this was going to happen long before I did and I have faith that as long as trust in Him, rely on Him and are led by the Holy Spirit, everything will work out.

I hope to see you at Arcare Springwood one of these Sundays.

God bless you!

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