Matthew 8

Matthew 8

After some challenging and confronting teaching in Matthew 7, let’s see what else we can learn as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

  • Jesus is willing (v1-4)
    • Have you
      • bowed down before Jesus/God?
      • acknowledged God’s mercy?
      • recognised God’s power?
      • made a request of God?
      • testified to those who need to hear it most?
  • Jesus is Lord (v5-13)
    • Centurions commanded 80-100 people in the Roman army
    • Centurion
      • acknowledges Jesus as Lord
      • makes a humble request
      • declares he is unworthy
      • recognises Jesus’ power and authority
      • faith marveled Jesus
      • professed and lived his faith, didn’t wear a label
      • prayed for his servant – Who are we praying for?
  • Jesus is worthy (v14-15)
    • Are you ready to serve Jesus OR are you now interested only in your own affairs?
  • Jesus deserves our all (v18-22)
    • Jesus challenges us
      • to ignore the things of this world
      • to put Him before all relationships
  • Jesus is mighty (v23-27)
    • Disciples
      • were following Jesus
      • were stressing, Jesus was sleeping
      • didn’t have enough faith
    • Jesus can calm any storm!
  • Who is Jesus to you? (v28-34)
    • Deliverer to the demon possessed men
    • Judge to the demons
    • Inconvenience to those who focused on the material loss than transformed lives
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