Not only does Jesus challenge us in many ways in Matthew 7, this chapter also has some of the most challenging teachings in all of the New Testament!

  • Judging (v1-5)
    • Can Christians judge? (see 1 Corinthians 5:11-13)
    • When can a Christian judge?
  • Sharing the Good News (v6)
    • Freely we have received, freely give?
    • Called to live and proclaim NOT convert
  • Prayer (v7-12)
    • Ask, Seek, Knock
    • Earthly father vs Heavenly Father
    • Golden Rule: Therefore – God looks after us so we don’t have to be occupied with looking after ourselves and instead, can focus on others.
  • Narrow Gate vs Wide Gate (v13-14)
    • Road to destruction is unrestricted
    • Road to life is ONLY through Jesus Christ
  • False Prophets/Preachers/Christians (v15-20)
    • Appear to be Christians (sheep) but are wolves
    • Examine the fruits of the person (across their life, not just in church or some aspects) – Judging?
    • Good tree = good fruit vs Bad tree = bad fruit
  • Does Jesus know YOU? (v21-23)
    • Saying you’re a Christian or a good person isn’t enough
    • Do you do the will of God the Father?
    • Depart from me vs Well done! (Matthew 25:21)
  • Are you wise or foolish?
    • Wise: listen to Jesus, build your house (life) on the Rock and weather all storms
    • Foolish: ignore Jesus and do things your own way and perish in the storm
  • Jesus not only has authority, He is the authority!

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