Matthew 6

Matthew 6

Jesus had much to teach us in Matthew 5 and He continues to raise the bar and challenge His listeners then and us, His followers today, to be more like Him and less like the world.

  • How do you live out your righteousness? (v1-v4)
    • Giving
  • Prayer life (v1-15)
    • Do you pray? (v5)
    • How do you pray? (v5-7)
      • In private or for all to see?
      • Ritualistic? In tongues?
      • How to pray? (v9-13)
        • Acknowledge God as Father and praise Him (v9)
        • Accept His power and authority (v10)
        • Ask Him to meet our needs (v11)
        • Accept His forgiveness because we are forgiven but acknowledge we must forgive (v12)
        • Ask for His protection because He is our King (v13)
      • Forgiveness is key (v14-15)
  • Fasting (v16-8)
    • Do you fast? (v16)
    • What is fasting?
    • How do you conduct yourself?
      • For show (v16)
      • For God (v17)
  • What are you chasing? (v19-21)
    • Earthly treasures (v19)
    • Heavenly treasures (v20-21)
  • What are you “seeing”? (v22-23)
    • Kingdom of Light (v22)
    • Kingdom of darkness (v23)
  • Who’s your master? (v24)
    • God
    • Satan (who offers wealth)
  • The cure for worry/anxiety (v25-34)
    • For this reason do not worry (v25)
    • It’s a faith problem (v30)
    • World only knows worry (v32)
    • God provides (v25-32)
    • What’s your priority? (v33)
    • What choice will you make everyday? (v34)
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