Matthew 5

Matthew 5

Commonly known as the sermon on the mount, what lessons can we learn from Jesus’ message in Matthew 5?

  • Are you poor in spirit?
    • Kingdom of heaven can’t be yours unless you are always aware that you are destitute in your own spirit but rich in the Holy Spirit.
  • Are you mourning?
    • It’s not a mourning for lack of things of the world but a mourning at seeing the state of the world that doesn’t want Jesus and wanting God to reign.
  • Are you gentle?
    • When you are meek, not chasing after the things of the world like others do, God will allow you to inherit the earth or cause you to be blessed here on earth.
  • Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness?
    • Don’t turn a blind eye to the unrighteousness in the world but have a godly desire (brought about by the Spirit) to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God will satisfy you (give you peace) no matter what happens.
  • Are you merciful?
    • To be shown mercy, you have to show mercy.
  • Are you pure in heart?
    • Impossible without the Holy Spirit
  • Are you a peacemaker?
    • Seek peace in all situations.
  • Are you persecuted because of Christ?
    • Are you being persecuted because you’re faithful and obedient to Christ and His Word?
  • Are you willing to rejoice an be glad?
    • Relying on the Holy Spirit, you can always rejoice, no matter how bad things get.
  • Are you the salt?
    • Salt flavours, preserves and heals.
  • Are you the light?
    • Do you have Christ the Light in you? Light illuminates, discovers and secures.
  • Jesus fulfills the law
    • All Law is fulfilled by the person who places their trust and faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Righteousness that suprasses religiousity
    • Mere religion and religious activity won’t save you unless your life is a reflection of the Christ you proclaim.
  • Anger
    • Jesus speaks about anger and murder in the same breath so it’s clear that He is serious about believers overcoming their anger issues.
  • Adultery
    • Look but don’t touch doesn’t work. Don’t look. Don’t touch. Better to be maimed physically than to be lost spiritually.
  • Divorce
    • Unless a spouse is cheating (not fulfilling the covenant of marriage in all aspects not just physical intimacy), any other reason for divorce is not a valid reason.
  • Yes or No, not promises
    • Don’t make promises because nothing is ours. Just say yes or no by faith.
  • Stand back not pay back
    • Revenge isn’t for us to decide but submit to God in every situation and trust Him to bring about the best outcome.
  • Love your enemies
    • Don’t just love and be comfortable with those easy to love. The real sign of  mature faith is when you can genuinely love (with the love of Christ) others, especially those you would call an enemy before you’d call them a friend.
  • Be perfect!
    • Jesus knows we cannot be perfect but the only way we can be  perfect in His eyes is by living in submission to and being led by the Holy Spirit.
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