Jesus is about to embark on His public ministry but before He can begin, God the Father has something in store for Him. What lessons can we learn from what Jesus went through and the start of His ministry?

  • Are you willing to be led by the Holy Spirit? (v1)
  • God can allow the enemy to test us (v1, Job)
  • God can ask us to do what seems to be the impossible (v2)
  • The enemy will come after us when we are the weakest or have had a great spiritual victory (v3)
  • The enemy will try to make us doubt our identity (v3)
  • We need physical and spiritual food (v4)
  • The enemy knows the Bible too and can use that against us (v5-6)
  • We should know God’s Word to deflect the enemy’s attacks (v7)
  • The enemy will try to entice us but we cannot serve God and money/wealth/success (v8-10)
  • God is always present and ready to minister to us (v11)
  • Jesus withdrew, so can we (v12)
  • Are you willing to leave¬†your work and family to follow Jesus? (v18-22)
  • Are you willing to do God’s work? (v23-25)

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