In Matthew 3, we can learn from the obedience and humility of John the Baptist and Jesus.

  • John was set apart from birth (Luke 1:13-17) but he chose to live the life he was called to live.
  • John spoke the truth without fear (v7).
  • Repentance: Don’t just say it or claim it, live it (v8).
  • Faith background won’t save you, bear fruit or be cut down and thrown into the fire (v9-10).
  • John’s humility compared to the humility of Christians (especially leaders) today (v11).
  • Baptism: Water (outer) vs Holy Spirit (inward) – True disciples (wheat) vs False disciples (chaff) (v11-12).
  • Why Christians should not be hesitant to get baptised & humility of Jesus (v13-15).
  • Jesus, the Son of God – Trinity (v16-17).

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