After 400 years of silence, God finally speaks through an angel He sends to Zechariah and Elizabeth, as well as to Mary and Joseph. The message God has to deliver will change the lives of those who receive the message but will alter the course of history forever! As followers of Christ today, are there lessons we can learn and apply in our lives now?

  • God can use anyone if they are willing, irrespective of your background/past
  • Are you willing to let God conceive His plan in you?
  • Are you prepared to face your fears?
  • Are you ready to take action?


  1. How true..your writings are so spot on and your teachings, you bring the bible to life for me and I get so much more from the books of the word as a result of findings, explanations and your reflections of what is perceived through your acknowledgment of the word God has provided for us..
    Forever thankful for God and Sri

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