Summary of Acts 8

Stephen is stoned to death with Saul’s approval. Persecution has broken out against those following the Way (of Jesus). God uses Philip to share the Good News with those in Samaria and with a eunuch of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians. Amidst persecution and hardship, God’s will can’t be thwarted.

We are either led by our flesh OR led by God’s Holy Spirit.

  • Challenge: Are you like “Saul”? Do you deal with a “Saul” as Christ would want you to?
  • Comfort: Even if there is a “Saul” wanting to bring us down, the LORD is on our side!

What we do with an encounter with God is our choice.

  • Challenge: Have you asked the most important question ever: Who are You, Lord?
  • Comfort: God will not turn away anyone who submits to Him, no matter who they are!

When we humble ourselves and obey God, God’s will is done, people are transformed and we are blessed!

  • Challenge: When God calls you, do you respond? Do you obey?
  • Comfort: God loves us, even when we chicken out!

Don’t downplay who Jesus is and what He’s called us to do.

Who God saves, God uses!

  • Challenge: What’s stopping you from stepping up to serve God?
  • Comfort: God can use anyone, even us!

God bless you!

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